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It’s not uncommon for people to feel fear when they encounter a snake. That fear is a rational one — while it’s true that many snakes are of the harmless garden or garter variety, Mississippi is also home to some venomous snakes. That includes, but is not limited to, the copperhead, cottonmouth, and pygmy rattlesnakes. An Olive Branch snake control expert can give you peace of mind while humanely returning the snake to its natural home. 

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How to Prevent Snakes from Getting in Your House

Understanding why snakes are attracted to your home is the key to prevention. Good rodent control will not only protect you from rats, raccoons, and other critters — it will have the secondary impact of removing the attraction for snakes. 

The same goes for keeping an eye on your plumbing and dealing with water leaks. The use of a good dehumidifier will further dry out your home. 

Cool and dark places are where snakes like to make their homes. You can take steps to at least reduce the snake’s options on your property. When you keep your bushes and shrubs trimmed, there’s less shaded area for the snake to take up shelter. If you have a bird feeder, you may want to position it further away from the house. When you water your lawn, don’t overdo it — a soaked lawn is a place a snake will be more than happy to rest in. 

These are steps that reduce the presence of snakes outdoors. If the snake is never attracted to the outdoors, they’ll never have reason to come indoors. 

Other steps to snake-proof your outdoors are to reduce the use of mulch, which snakes love. When you feed your pets, keep their food and water indoors. If you use a wood fireplace, be cognizant of where you’re storing the wood. Even a small stack of wood can be seen by a snake as a nice place to rest in. 

Signs You Have a Snake Problem in Olive Branch

Aside from seeing a snake slither past you, there are some telltale hints of their presence. Snakes shed their skin and leave it behind. Finding the dead skin in your basement or elsewhere is a good indicator. The presence of their eggs is another clue. 

If you suspect the presence of snakes, but aren’t sure, there’s a DIY detection tip you can use. Put some baking flour on the floor near an appliance or down in the basement near areas that seem like they might be logical shelter spots. If you see “slither marks” later, you know the snake has left their version of fingerprints behind. 

Then, it’s time to call for professional help. Even comparatively harmless snakes will have the natural desire to defend their young if there’s a nest of babies nearby. It’s difficult to tell in advance whether the snake is venomous or not. The vast majority of snake bites come when a snake is being threatened — they won’t come after you. The safest course of action is to let them be and allow a trained professional to handle the removal. 

At Magnolia Wildlife Solutions, our Olive Branch snake control experts know how to handle the humane removal of snakes. We’ll also give you good advice on permanent prevention. 

How Snakes Get in Your House

Snakes are extremely flexible creatures. They have an ability to squeeze through even the smallest of openings. Entry points can include ventilation systems, cracks in the siding, and any holes that were not properly sealed. Other animals can unwittingly aid the snake. For example, if you have a raccoon problem, the raccoon might be the guilty party when it comes to tearing off your siding. Now, the entry point is created for a snake to come in. 

Older homes can be particularly susceptible. Changes in weather result in the shifting of the ground underneath the house, which causes further shifts in the foundation. Over time, this inevitably creates cracks and gaps that snakes can exploit. 

Why Snakes Want to Get in Your House

Snakes have something in common with us — they want food, shelter, and warmth. If they can find those things in our homes, they will come inside. 

The diet of a snake is primarily rodents. If you have a rodent problem, especially rats or mice, that’s going to attract snakes. The snakes also want water. If you have plumbing leaks, that will attract them. Even a humid basement is enough to be seen by the snake as an invitation to come in. Vents, particularly the ones connected to your laundry machines, give off heat, and the snakes will be attracted to a warm place to stay. 

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