Six signs to determine if you have squirrels in your home

Signs of squirrels in your home

People may think that squirrels are adorable, fuzzy, and generally harmless. However, squirrels can cause serious problems for homeowners and be tough riddance. Learning the signs of squirrels in your home is essential to prevent a squirrel infestation in your attic or roof.

The True Danger of Squirrels in Your Home

To keep their teeth sharp, squirrels gnaw and constantly chew on edible and non-edible items. This includes nuts, tree buds, seeds, and more. If squirrels invade your home, they will look for something to chew on to keep their teeth sharp. In your attic, this could mean electrical wires.

There are over 20,000 home fires caused by squirrels each year in the U.S. This is why identifying signs of squirrels is extremely important!

When are Squirrels Most Active?

Squirrels are most active in the early mornings and late afternoons, so if you hear rustling, banging, and other strange noises in your attic or roof treatment during those times, you might have a family of squirrels sharing your home with you. Keep reading to discover six signs to determine if you have squirrels in your home.

6 Signs To Determine If You Have Squirrels in Your Home

#1 - Hearing Unusual Noises

Squirrels are large rodents and can make considerable sounds when inhabiting your home. Listen for loud scampering noises early in the morning and at dusk. Squirrels sleep at night and are most active when we are.

#2 - Foul Odors

Squirrel urine can become very potent in your house; its smell will emanate through the walls and your heating/cooling vents. Many squirrels can become stuck inside and die, which will cause an even more powerful odor. It could signify squirrels if you begin to smell off-putting, foul odors.

#3 - Damage to Your Home

Squirrels will chew through just about anything to find warmth and shelter. Inspect your attic or roof's molding, wiring, beams, and entryways. If you find chewed-up materials and wires, squirrels are most likely present.

#4 - Nests

Squirrels will use the insulation in your crawl spaces and attic to build their nests. Look for destroyed and ruffled insulation and exterior materials like leaves and debris. Squirrels like to carry in goods from nature to create their habitats and will use your home's materials in conjunction to do so.

#5 - Squirrel Droppings

Squirrel droppings are a sure sign of a squirrel infestation in your home. Look for scattered droppings in and around your attic and roof. Squirrel feces are dangerous and bacteria-ridden. Be sure to hire a professional pest service for their removal.

#6 - Acorns

It is not a cliche; squirrels do love acorns. And they love to gather them and store them away for the winter months. If you see deposits of acorns in your attic or roof, a squirrel most likely brought them there.

It's important to let a professional handle a squirrel infestation and not attempt squirrel removal on your own. It is best to seek professional help in this situation so that all wildlife can be dealt with appropriately.

Squirrels can cause severe damage to your home. Chewed-out holes that lead to the outside destroyed gutter lines, insulation repairs, and worst of all, chewed service and electrical wires. A squirrel can easily set your home ablaze by chewing up a wire in your attic or crawl space. Call your professional pest control company immediately if you believe you have a squirrel or any rodent infestation in your home.

If you feel you may have a problem with squirrels in your home, don't hesitate to get in touch with the professionals at Magnolia Wildlife Solutions. We offer free inspection and home estimates for removal, trapping, sealing, and sanitization.